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22/10/2019 at 6:57am
SA Men’s hockey satellite squad training at our world class hockey facility at SACS every Monday evening. Happy to be hosting these players (and one of our own Anton van Loggerberg SACS OB and u15 coach) in their Olympic build up https://t.co/jRqjC35Bbv SACSHIGH photo
19/10/2019 at 2:21pm
Victorious 1stVIII after their sprint race today. Tomorrow they race 5km. https://t.co/9LgGVYXXCj SACSHIGH photo
19/10/2019 at 2:03pm
1st Team beat Bishops by 149 runs. Tom Newby 51 runs and five wickets, Daniel Smith 136 not out!
50 caps today for 2020 Headboy Nathan Ansell and Oscar Welsh https://t.co/GrCjmhjox3
19/10/2019 at 1:34pm
1stVIII just pip Bishops to win the 500m sprint at the Harvest Regatta at Misverstand. https://t.co/x9Nz1McdC4
17/10/2019 at 6:46pm
Neil Lategan (Deputy Head of Rosedale) and Duran Koevort (Head of Rosedale) https://t.co/5fdlUuJo9e SACSHIGH photo
SACS22/10/2019 at 9:56am
SA Men’s satellite squad training at our world class hockey facility at SACS every Monday evening. Happy to be hosting these players (and one of our own Anton van Loggerberg SACS OB and u15 coach) in their Olympic build up
SACS22/10/2019 at 9:34am


Mr Eric Abraham, it is with great pride that your Alma Mater, the South African College High School, honours you tonight with the Spectemur Agendo Award for your contribution to civil liberties through your work as a journalist and political activist and to the world of the performing arts and literature through your involvement as a television, film and theatre producer and as a publisher and creator of books and magazines. In addition, we honour your very significant commitment to charitable causes and your amazing generosity to your former school.
Born in Wynberg, Cape Town, your schooling was at S.A.C.S. This was followed by studies at the University of Cape Town. Your early career was in journalism where you worked as a correspondent for the South African News Agency, contributing stories to the Guardian and the British Broadcasting Corporation amongst others. The fearless and critical nature of your reporting rapidly brought you into conflict with the authorities of the apartheid state which was the South Africa of the 1960s and 1970s. This conflict resulted in your persecution by the authorities which included formal arrests and being placed under house arrest in an attempt to muzzle your criticisms of the injustice you saw being perpetrated by the government. In a further and more draconian attempt at silencing you, the state resorted to placing you under a banning order, effectively rendering you a non-person. In response you fled the country, first to Botswana and finally to the United Kingdom where you have made your home ever since. Although voluntary, this exile lasted for some 15 years until after South Africa became a democracy. Had you attempted to return previously your fate would undoubtedly have been grim.
You worked for many years as a television producer and were responsible for a variety of highly acclaimed television dramas as well as producing the long-running B.B.C. TV magazine programme, Panorama. Amongst your successes were A Murder of Quality based on the work of John le Carré and the detective series Dalziel and Pascoe. Amongst other authors whose works you have produced may be included Roald Dahl and Tom Roth.
You branched out into film and theatre production with signal success and your productions have garnered awards from most of the important bodies in these genres. Amongst the many theatrical productions you have staged are Pirandello’s As You Desire Me and Clybourne Park. Actors with whom you have worked include Bob Hoskins, Kristin Scott-Thomas and Jeremy Irons- all luminaries in a profession filled with stars. Your production of Joshua Marston’s The Forgiveness of Blood won a Silver Bear at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival whilst your production of the film Kolya received the crowning achievement of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1996 Academy Awards, an extraordinary honour. The film Ida also received an Academy Award.
You branched out into publishing and with your wife, Sigrid Rausing, and Phillip Gwyn Jones, created Portobello Books. This soon grew into a highly successful enterprise which now includes the literary magazine Granta as well as the imprint Granta Books.
Following the dawn of democracy in South Africa you re-kindled your commitment to this country. A shining beacon in this regard has been your inspired re-development of the old Sacks Futeran Building into the Fugard Theatre Complex and your continuing support of productions there. This provides an outlet for some of South Africa’s finest theatrical talents. Productions have included the work of local authors such as David Kramer, Nick Wright and John Kani. International shows have included Cabaret, West Side Story, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and, most recently, the exhilarating Kinky Boots. You have been instrumental in other productions in South African venues promoting South African talent some of which have been transferred to international stages. Your choice of naming the theatre for one of the country’s foremost theatrical talents, a true giant of the profession, Athol Fugard, was inspired. His work is amongst the most notable performed in the theatre and is iconic of an era in our country’s history. Part of this commitment has found expression in your very significant support of the arts, particularly the performing arts, here at S.A.C.S. Through your work and generosity you continue to honour the struggles and sacrifices which have brought the democracy we have today.
The list of your productions, achievements and awards is both long and highly impressive and it is impossible to chronicle them all here.
Eric Abraham, you have made outstanding contributions in the fields of journalism; political activism; film, theatre and theatrical production and publishing. Your philanthropic contributions have been enormous, not least to S.A.C.S. You have been quoted as saying that South Africa’s real wealth lies in the abundance of talent to be found in its people. Equally and incontrovertibly it can be said that you are a shining example of a South African deeply blessed with talent who has made it his life’s work to employ his gifts to enrich the lives of others in a myriad of ways. You are a true exponent of your School’s motto and therefore it is with great pride that we are able to honour you for your achievements and your humanity.
The South African College High School bestows upon you the Spectemur Agendo Award –“ Let us be judged by our deeds.”

We are delighted that Mr Greg Karvellas, Artistic Director of the Fugard Theatre is able to join us this evening, to accept the Award on behalf of Mr Abraham
SACS21/10/2019 at 7:16pm
We are very proud to announce Andrew Tucker as the SACS Rhodes Scholar Elect for 2020.
Andrew embodies the qualities as envisaged by the Scholarship - outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service. His impressive school career (top matric learner overall in South Africa for 2015, Prefect, Victoria Scholar, Full Blues for Academics, Captain of Athletics and Saxophonist) is made even more remarkable by the fact that he suffered Guillain-Barré syndrome and which caused him to miss four months of school during his Matric year.
Inspired by the Neurologist who attended him and aided his recovery, Andrew has gone on to study Medicine. He has completed three years of his MBChB and is currently pursuing BSc Medical Honours in Neuroscience. He will enrol for an MSc in Neuroscience at Oxford after which he will return to South Africa to continue his medical degree.
Andrew has found the time to render 250 hours of community service and outreach and is a Faculty of Health Sciences mentor and a motivational speaker and advocate for Guillain-Barré syndrome awareness. He also participates in Trail and Road running and in Duathlon.
The Rhodes Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for exceptional young people with the potential to make a difference for good in the world. Andrew is a most worthy recipient.
SACS shared a post.21/10/2019 at 12:33pm
Well done to Anton van Loggerenberg(SACS old boy and current u15A coach) on making the SA Men's Indoor squad for the upcoming series in Cape Town and Durban......good luck Anton
SACS21/10/2019 at 6:57am
SACS Misverstand Rowing Regatta Results

JM/BU15B Double: 2nd

JM/BU15A Double: 3rd and 6th

JM/BU15B Quad: 3rd

JM/BU15A Quad: 1st

JM/BU15A Octupul: 3rd

JM/BU16C Double: 1st

JM/BU16B Pair: 1st and 2nd

JM/BU16A Pair: 1st and 4th

JM/BU16A Quad: 1st and 3rd

JM/BU16B Four: 3rd

JM/BU16A Four: 3rd and 6th

JM/BU16 Eight: 3rd (Unfortunately lost their rudder)

JM/BU19 2nd Pair: 3rd

JM/BU19 2nd Four: 1st

Mens A Coxless Four: 1st and 3rd

JM/BU19 1st Coxless Four-: 1st and 2nd

JM/BU19 1st Eight: 1st

Sunday Heads Race

JM/BU19 2nd Four: 1st

JM/BU15A Octupul: 3rd

JM/BU16 Eight: 1st

JM/BU19 1st Eight: 1st
SACS19/10/2019 at 5:10pm
1stXI beat Bishops by 149 runs. Tom Newby 51 runs and five wickets, Daniel Smith 136 not out!‬
50 caps today for 2020 Headboy Nathan Ansell and Oscar Welsh