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The Hugo-Hamman Scholarships

The Hugo Hamman Trust has in agreement with the school, created the “Hugo-Hamman Scholarships” which will enable boys with promise from disadvantaged backgrounds to enjoy the same privileged education that the boys of the Hugo-Hamman family received at SACS since the 1890’s.  The scholarships provide tuition, boarding and extra-curricular financial support enabling these boys to have the best possible chance of excelling later in life.  Scholarships will be offered to deserving cases where without outside financial support, the family would not be able to send their child to SACS.
Hugo Hamman
The Trustees are in principle opposed to racial classification and referencing but recognise that the history of South Africa has resulted in inequality of education and inequality of access to education. The Scholarships will act in a small way to help redress the imbalance. Accordingly, to help transform the racial demographic at the school, the Hugo-Hamman Scholarships will be offered to South African boys who are in terms of current definitions, or whose parents define themselves as either African or Coloured or, more generally, “people of colour”. Once the transformation milestone is achieved, with “white” boys making up less than 25% of the school, the Trustees will open the Scholarships to boys from any disadvantaged background.
The Trustees believe that a good broad based education in a safe environment is essential for the development of leaders and that principled, value based leadership is crucial to the future of the people of South Africa. The hope is that the Scholarships will create leaders in our community.  Whilst no specific direction is given, it is hoped that recipients of the scholarship will pay attention to their studies, participate in sports, in particular team sports, and involve themselves enthusiastically in the many other non-academic extra-curricular activities provided at SACS.
The Trust will provide a level of financial support commensurate with the needs of the funded learner and his family including funding of boarding in the School Hostel where necessary, within the limitations established annually by the school.  It is the intention of the Trustees that one scholarship will be awarded each year to a boy in his first year at school and the scholarship will continue through to completion of schooling at SACS.  It is the aim that the Trust will support a boy in each year as soon as possible in other words at any given time, beginning in grade R, supporting 8 boys at SACS Junior School and 5 boys at SACS High School.  Subject to admission to the school, the scholarship may continue through SACS High.  The Scholarships are granted by the Trustees of The Hugo-Hamman Trust and “funded learner” selection is made on the recommendation of the Principal of the school.
Applications for this scholarship should be addressed in writing to the Principal, SACS High School.