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Virtual Open Day

Welcome to the SACS Virtual Open Day. This experience has been designed to be an interactive experience for the visitor. There is no right or wrong way to navigate through the tour. We have started in the SACS Entrance Hall as it is the logical beginning to the tour and it gives our Headmaster, Mr Brendan Grant, a chance to welcome you. From there you can move in any direction. The circular icon with an arrow in it moves you from location to location. When you arrive in a new location give it a chance to load the audio that is present at each location. It could be a person talking about the facility or it could be the SACS band playing.

In the top left corner you can pause the automatic rotation and control the 360° yourself. In the top right corner you can turn the audio on and off if you require. The circular icon with an “i” in it will play a video from the SACS Youtube Channel. The video is played on a separate webpage which you can close when you have watched the video. The “conversation bubble” icon will play a video of our different SACS teachers and pupils, explaining the location which you have landed in. If you would like to share the SACS Virtual Open Day, you can share it using the social media buttons in the bottom right hand corner. The stack on the bottom left hand corner allows you to jump between locations without navigating via other locations.