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African Society

SACS is a school that embraces all learners in different Societies and cultures. In order for our learners to showcase their talents outside the classroom, they engage themselves in different activities. As the head of the African Society at SACS, I welcome all the learners from Grade 8-12 regardless of their race, religion and background to join the Society so that they can learn more from each other. We get invitations every term from different schools in the Southern Suburb Schools to support them in their cultural evenings. Boy’s schools and girl’s schools come together and perform different activities like traditional dance, gumboot dance, singing and performing poetry.

These Cultural evenings are supported by some teachers and parents from different schools. What is most important about it is that learners can learn from each other’s cultures. It also integrates different races and this helps learners to build strong relationship amongst themselves and their schools. All learners are passionate about these events as it allows them to express themselves and giving them that sense of belonging.

I am pleased to introduce Nikos Christodoulou as the Chairperson of this society this year and who is willing to take it to greater heights. The deputy Chairperson is Bheka Mabika. We have many learners who have joined us this year. Some of them are non-mother tongue. We are looking forward in growing this society even more at the school.


Ms. N. Nkewana

The Head of the African Society