First Aid

First Aid is a thriving society at SACS and literally hundreds of boys have been trained in this vital skill. The boys help out at all sports events at the school, including at practices during the week. They do this out of a love for First Aid and almost all of them do this on top of their own sports practices in which they participate.

At weekends it is not unusual for a boy to play a match and then go and do First Aid duty. Such is the commitment of our First Aiders. Once boys have qualified with their Level 1 certificate and gained necessary experience, they can take the more advanced Level 3 course. A number of SACS boys have successfully completed this course over the years meaning that they can even deliver a baby, should the need arise! What has been particularly heart-warming has been the praise we have received when SACS boys have helped out at accident sites outside of school.

The training has helped them help others, and that is what it’s all about. The paramedics with whom we work rate SACS first-aiders as amongst the best in the Western Cape. High praise indeed, and well-deserved.