Interact Club

At SACS there is a group of boys who excel in helping others without any reward of any kind. They simply do it because they are noble. With so many other commitments like sports, extra lessons, music, family, friends etc., it is a wonder that these young men find the time to help the greater South African community. The gentlemen who do this are exceptional. No job is ever too menial or degrading to them, with a lot of our work involving getting down and dirty! Older boys encourage younger students to join them and seek to lead and inspire. I have often been approached by complete strangers who are simply astonished that “such boys still exist in this day and age”.

I always find it heart-warming to accompany our boys on the various outreach programs because they are enthusiastic, cheerful and exceptionally kind and helpful. My philosophy is that every person should try to do at least one kind thing per day, something where there is no reward for you whatsoever, but you do it simply in return for all the blessings you yourself receive unwarranted. And I am glad to say that many of our boys have this same philosophy.

From time-to-time the whole school is involved in bringing much needed things for a specific course (like toys for an orphanage, food for animals, books for a less privileged school) and normally the response is overwhelming. Lots of charity organisations need money desperately, and if we raise funds it is directly transferred to the organisation to be used appropriately. Any further fundraising that is conducted has the intent to build sustainable projects.

The Interact society has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to go from strength to strength. Interact continues to show just how capable our young gentlemen are. With a little bit of direction and trust, the boys manage to coordinate projects that have a wide impact on the communities around us. Interact has been careful to try and take on projects that are sustainable and can grow from year to year. We also focus on being able to do a few projects well, rather than trying to do too many.

The society acts as a medium for the boys to interact with the surrounding schools and communities and give back to those who need it most. The reality is that we live in an immensely privileged bubble. Interact helps to broaden the perspectives of the learners and builds character in many different ways.

Teacher in charge: SL Barnard