Science Society

The Science Society creates opportunities for learners to expand their knowledge of science outside of the curriculum and arouse enthusiasm in Science at SACS. We meet regularly on Thursdays during lunch time, where various experiments and activities are observed. We make time to talk about the experiments and discuss the principles behind them.

Mostly we focus on Chemistry as many of these experiments are fun and exciting. Some of these include: a reaction between Potassium Permanganate and Glycerol which produces copious amounts of purple smoke – a real crowd pleaser, as well as an investigation into various ways of creating a chemical flame. In addition to chemical experiments, we also investigated a number of physics theories through watching videos such as those from TED talks.

We also go on a number of excursions with the society and expand our knowledge on various fields of Science. These include trips to exhibitions visiting Cape Town (such as Bodyworlds) as well as visiting research laboratories and Science Departments at UCT.

For more information on the Science Society, please feel free to contact Dawn Siso (Head of Natural Sciences) by e-mail (