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Zanewonga Outreach Project

At SACS there is a group of boys who excel in helping others without any reward of any kind. They simply do it because they are noble. The ability for these young gentlemen to give up their time to help those around them is even more exceptional considering due to other commitments like sports practices, extra lessons, music and just being a young teenager! No job is ever too menial or degrading. They are always happy in helping the greater community. The members of Interact try to encourage others to join and do this through their deeds, trying to inspire everyone they meet. I have often been approached by complete strangers who are simply astonished that “such boys still exist in this day and age”.

Charity work consists of many, many activities. Animal shelters, children’s homes, homes for the mentally challenged or hospitals, odd jobs like fixing libraries, manning water tables, tutoring, spending time with people (or animals), bringing cheer, a little treat and lots of smiles. Often we even have parents who join and who seem to enjoy the outing as much as their sons. The kindness and compassion of our boys always leaves a lasting memory.

From time-to-time the whole school is involved in bringing much-needed things for a specific cause (like toys for an orphanage, food for ground staff, books for a less privileged school, stationery, toiletries, clothes and more).

As the teacher in charge I find it heart-warming to accompany our boys on the various outreach programs because they are enthusiastic, cheerful and exceptionally kind and considerate. My philosophy is that every person should try to do at least one kind act per day, something where there is no reward for you whatsoever. Do it simply in return for all the blessings you yourself receive unwarranted. I am glad to say that many of our boys have this same philosophy.

Not only do we help the community around us, and those further afield (such as our Math and Science tour to Zanewonga in the Eastern Cape), but the personal growth of involving oneself in these activities is often underestimated. The gentlemen of SACS stand to gain so much from giving selflessly. So many skills that can be used later in life are learned, as well as the emotional maturity one gains. What better way to help yourself, than to do it helping others?