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Maths Club

The Maths Club is a society that helps develop passion in a subject that many consider boring or too difficult. It is a place where students can learn new mathematical concepts that may only be taught in higher grades or may not appear in the school’s syllabus at all. It also helps students improve their problem solving skills that will assist them in Maths and other school subjects as well as in Maths competitions. As a group, we discuss different topics, and solutions to various maths problems.

Students at SACS are able to take part in a variety of mathematics competitions. These include: the South African Mathematics Olympiad and the UCT Maths Competition. In these competitions, you are able to win prizes, such as certificates, medals and trophies. In Maths Club, we help students to achieve the best results they can by teaching them concepts that they will need and by practicing questions from past papers.

Whether it is to expand your knowledge about mathematics or to help improve your results in Maths competitions, anyone is welcome to join us. We meet every Friday from 13:30 to 14:30.