Founded in 1829, our School is 195 years old this year.  This 195 year legacy of history and tradition is one we cherish and continually look to build on in making SACS the best school for South Africa.

Our School is currently home to 900 young men, each with his own unique personality and talents who collectively forge a special and unique spirit that honours our 195 year legacy and tradition, while progressively looking to meet future challenges. The beautiful setting of our magnificent campus is something we give thanks for every day, but we remind ourselves as well that it is people who make institutions great, not buildings and settings. SACS is a happy place and our buildings, classrooms and fields are filled with the positive energy and laughter of young men going about their daily tasks, likewise our staff and broader community who are so supportive of our School.

Welcome to SACS. I hope that the pages that follow give you a brief window and insight into this very special place of which we are so exceptionally proud.

Spectemur Agendo.