De Villiers House – Grade 8

There are three boarding houses at SACS, which can accommodate 160 boarders. Grade 8 boarders begin their hostel journey in De Villiers House, before moving onto Michaelis in Grade 9 and Rosedale for Grades 10-12. Boys are catered for in De Villiers and Rosedale Houses and there are communal spaces for boys to relax as well as study across all three boarding houses. A battery backup system compliments the solar inverters to insure we can keep the lights, electronic door access systems and Wi-Fi running during loadshedding.

The three boarding houses that make up Rosedale, De Villiers, Michaelis and Rosedale, have always been the main supplier of school spirit and unity, and of successful individuals. Boarding is a unique experience for a young man. Not only does he learn how to cope with living away from his family and friends, but also how to make decisions whilst being taught how to live within a community composed of a variety of different people. His actions are not only a reflection on himself, but also have an impact on others who live with him. Hence, he may need to give away some of his individual freedoms for the good of the whole as he learns to recognise the rights of others and thus continue to be mindful and understanding of other boarders.

Boarding at SACS can foster the development of one’s self in the areas of self responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, independence, leadership, organisation, teamwork, personal care, and growth. A boarder at Rosedale has the unique situation of having all SACS has to offer on his doorstep. It is up to the individual to grasp all he can to develop himself into a fine SACS Gentleman.

The Boarders have a large and extensive support network at their disposal to assist with their sporting, academic, cultural, servant and leadership development, which enables them to do their best in all endeavours. Each of the boarding houses has a mix of teachers and university student members in their Duty Staff Teams. They are responsible for the care and well-being of boarders.

De Villiers House
Superintendent – Mr Kojo Owusu-Sekyere
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De Villiers House, named after Judge JE de Villiers, is located by the entrance to the SACS campus on Main Street. De Villiers House was opened in 1959 to house Junior School Boarders, but by the early 1990s the number of Junior School boarders began to decline and its purpose became multi-faceted. It is currently used for Grade R, aftercare and Grade 7 boarding and the first Grade 8 boarders joined in January 2024. There are approximately 40 Grade 8 boarders and two Matric Prefects in De Villiers House, looked after by a team of boarding duty staff. There are 14 dormitories, ranging in size from 2-4 learners per dorm. Weekday breakfasts and suppers are catered for by the kitchen in De Villiers House and all weekday lunches and weekend meals catered for at Rosedale House.