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Who would not want to take up the challenge of getting a smile out of a waiter at a sidewalk café in Paris…. To communicate with ease while visiting vineyards in the Bordeaux wine region, to use the vernacular to buy oneself a “chocolat chaud” on the ski slopes of Verbier in Switzerland, or to organise fresh seafood from a local fisherman off Grad Baie in Mauritius. Boys who have chosen French at SACS have taken on this challenge and there is no doubt that their efforts will be rewarded. Apart from the obvious huge advantage that French allows with regard to International travel, perhaps even more importantly, the language is in increasing demand within the working world. 

Nowadays business leaders need efficient communication skills in a modern foreign language in order to be successful in an international arena. In such a globalised economy knowledge of French is an asset for those applying for a wide range of jobs from doctors, through to economists, from property managers to financial specialists. 

A major focus on French in the early years is everyday conversational French. Through the use of modern learning material, authentic documents and interactive online resources, the more senior French learners acquire the skill to express themselves in the language. Much fun is had through learning via film study, current French songs and easily accessibly French literature which one would encounter daily in a French-speaking environment. 

Apart from what is learnt in the classroom, there is also an emphasis on the cultural aspect of French and learners enjoy cultural evenings where French specialities are tasted and French cinema is highlighted. Every year a number of SACS boys take the external International benchmarking examinations called DELF. These are organised by the Alliance Francaise and are recognised world-wide. Over the past 7 years, our learners have achieved very pleasing results and made us proud. 

By matric level, learners are able to communicate competently and articulately on serious, important and controversial topics. This blog showcases some of the work produced by the matric learners of 2020.