SACS CSU Newletter on Bullying PDF

Counselling Support Unit (CSU)

At SACS the students are very fortunate to have a Counselling Support Unit that caters for a variety of needs.  The function of the unit is three-fold and is as follows:

Career Guidance: Students are assisted in making the right subject choice to ensure that they are able to follow their chosen career path. Universities are invited every year to give talks on their respective institutions and provide any relevant information that students may require when applying for university admission. Other institutions such as film and advertising schools are also afforded the opportunity to inform students of tertiary educational institutions that do not follow the traditional academic route. The CSU endeavours to have all students’ needs catered to in this regard.

Academic support:

Although the CSU is not able to provide individual remedial work, the counsellors intervene when students experience academic difficulties. Interventions typically consist of meetings with parents and the pupil.

Emotional and psychological support:

The CSU is fortunate to have the service of two highly skilled and experienced school counsellors, namely Wayne Parsons ( and Illona Southgate ( Students who are dealing with personal issues are identified by either teachers or peers and then brought to the attention of the counsellors. Learners however, often seek advice and counsel on their own as the CSU’s doors are always open. Should learners require more in-depth counsellors, and/or clinical assessment an outside referral will be made. The CSU has a very good working relationship with a variety of clinical psychologists in Cape Town whose main focus is working with teenagers.

Both counsellors maintain excellent relationships with both parents and students adding huge value to our students’ education.