Mountain Biking

It is very exciting to try to lead a new sport at SACS and the interest and growth in it has been fantastic to see. The sport was limited to 20 riders in the past, but we have tried to accommodate more last year and this year. Unfortunately, absolutely no cycling could take place this year. This is due to many combined factors including unavailable coaches, teachers and COVID protocols.

The structure generally includes training on a Tuesday on technical techniques for ‘Track Tuesday’ at UCT, and a longer Wednesday outride around the mountain. There is generally a large range of ability in the rider group. Last year we were able to split the group into an A, B, and C crews that could go with an individual coach and ride at a pace and along a route suited to them.

Over the past three years that I have been involved, all riders have made great improvements. Much of this has been due to the dedication of the MTB coaches. We were lucky enough to get two excellent coaches in Andrew Reaper and GP Carlone (SACS 2016 Old Boys). Andrew has played a pivotal role in creating the UCT track and helping to organise Track Tuesdays. We are very lucky to have Mark Moir, a parent, helping out in taking the cyclists. He has a wealth of experience to pass on to the boys and is superbly enthusiastic about the sport and encouraging to all.

We look forward to years of growth, making the SACS MTB name even stronger. We hope to have more consistent rides and plan a riding schedule that is geared towards each rider’s progression. With the privilege of the mountainside being on our doorstep, it is also important never to take the wonderful trails we use for granted. SACS cycling aims to build riders who value the safety of fellow riders and are mindful of being prepared for anything. We want our riders to both enjoy and respect nature as their fitness and skill-levels grow.