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SACS entered 8  u19 teams into the leagues at the start of this season in term 4  2019.  Technically we had enough players for more  teams but we felt that the squad system worked well.  So we stuck to it.

Our 1st team was entered in the 1st league (the old premier league) after not being in that league for a year.  We had two new boys at SACS (Hamza Kana and Imaad Taliep) who both were provincial players.  This strengthened the team.   Most of our opponents were the traditional rival boys’ schools.  This was most disappointing as only a handful of schools entered in this league.  This meant that instead of playing a possible 7 matches we only played 4 league matches.  The other two matches were two rounds of playoffs.  The first round we had to play off vs WBHS.  We drew the match but lost because we lost the A-doubles.  We then had a crossover playoff vs a Northern suburb school namely Parklands College.  We won that match 5-1 to end up 7th overall in WP.  We have some young players in the team and are looking forward to better results in the 2020/2021 season.

The same happened with the 2nd team.  They beat RBHS in the playoff and then beat Tygerberg HS to end up 5th overall in the 2nd league.  All in all – quite satisfactory results and pleasing to see.   Even in this league they found the going tough but can not be faulted for their sportsmanship, dedication and enthusiasm. 

Once again the interest in tennis was so strong that we had to devide teams from the 2nd team down into squads, often up to 6-7 players per squad.  

Unfortunately, quite a few matches were cancelled by opponents or could not take place due to school activities by us or the opponents.  Some schools even pulled out the leagues completely.   

Some of the lower teams’ results are a bit disappointing but we must take into consideration that our lower teams often played against the 2nd or 3rd teams of other schools.  Overall the season has been a huge success due to keenness and hard work during practice sessions and a dedicated staff who supported the boys.

Visiting schools:

We hosted St. Benedicts from JHB on the 7th & 8th February.  They travelled to Cape Town for the Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal “Match in Africa”.  Thanks to our friends there and contacts in TSA I managed to get 175 tickets for SACS players. staff, parents and friends of SACS.  Truly a memorable event!

On the Friday the first first team played 3 doubles matches winning two and then won all six singles.  The Saturday the second team won all three doubles and drew 3 all in the singles. 

Somerset College requested a friendly as we do not play in the same zone.  This happened on the 21st February.  We won 6 of the 10 singles matches and then won 4 of the 5 doubles matches.  Taken into consideration that not one of the top 6 players played due to tournament commitments the result of this fixture is excellent.

1st team:

All four players in the first team performed well at the Cape Schools (WP)  TSA trials and have been selected for various WP  teams.  In 2020 they are:

Hamza Kana  –  WP u19A

Imaad Taliep – WP u15A

Tim Korsten  –  WP u17A

Tom Tilney  –  WP u17B

Both Hamza and Imaad will represent WP at the SA’s elite High Schools Championships over Easter Weekend in Pretoria. Tim and Tom represented WP in various other Interprovincial tournaments.  Hamza was again selected for the WP u19A team.  Tim Korsten was also selected for the WP u19B team – both at the start of 2021.

Congratulations to the 5th team who ended the season unbeaten!  The 3rd and 4th teams also had outstanding results.


1ST TEAM 6 3 2 1 1 2 50%
2ND TEAM 7 3 2 2 2 43%
3RD TEAM 8 7 1 1 87.5%
4TH TEAM 9 7 2 78%
5TH TEAM 8 8 1 100%
6TH TEAM 8 1 7 1 12.5%
7TH TEAM 8 3 4 1 1 37.5%
8TH TEAM 5 3 2 2 1 60%
9TH TEAM 3 1 2 2 33%
10TH TEAM 4 4 1 0%

At the start of the 2019-2020 tennis season SACS received an invite from St. Stithians to play in their sports festival over the Easter Weekend.  Tennis will be joining rugby and squash.  The touring squad will be:  Tim Korsten, Tom Tilney, Damian Rowe-Davies, Jason Lubbe, Ethan Fowler, James Raisbeck and Jake Lundy.  The manager will be Mr. Cromhout.  Hamza and Imaad can not join us as they will represent WP at the SA High Schools Championships in Pretoria.

Good news is that much needed maintenance were done to the courts’ surfaces and fencing.  The courts are now looking great.

Teacher in charge:  Mr. K. Cromhout

Staff:  Me. I. Southgate, Me. S. Bey-Martin, Me. N. Nkewana, Me. N. Nyezi, Mr. G. Weber, Me. C. Robinson, Me. T. Bavasah, Mr. Mike Bräsler and Me. P. Bodenstein

Coach: Jody Claassen (Two Oceans Tennis Academy – Kelvin Grove)