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Body Boarding

Body Boarding competes on a Friday afternoons at vaious locations around Cape Town depending on where the best waves are breaking.


Golf is a secondary sport at SACS and is played in the winter months, terms 2 and 3. Home matches are played at Rondebosch Golf Club. Boys are expected to be members of a recognised golf club and preferably to have a handicap in order to play for one of the SACS teams. Matches are played on a Monday afternoon using the match play, 9-hole format.

SACS will be entering 2 teams in this year’s schools golf leagues, the 1st team in the South A league and the 2nd team in the South B league. SACS also participates in the Cape Schools Golf Week which is played in the June holidays against Easter Cape schools. The “week” is held either on the golf course of Knysna/ Plettenberg Bay area, the George area or at Cape St Francis.


*Remember, shooting is a potentially dangerous sport!


  • Second Sport (after 1st sport;  Cross-Country, Hockey and Rugby)
  • Colours can only be awarded if the shottist participates in one of the 1st sports, preferably Cross-Country due to clash of Saturday 1st sport.
  • Colours: Full Blue = score of 800 x 2 in one season. (Western Province = 780 x 2). Half Blue = score of 770 x 2 in one season. Team Award/Scroll = 5 out of 7 competitions or closest to 67% of events.


Beginning of February on Saturdays till the 3rd weekend in August. (SA Champs in the September vacation each year).

Venue at SACS:

Conducted in the SACS Gym on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Starting beginning of February each year.

One of the days is used to go to Voortrekker High School where Mr. Fedde van den Bosch conducts clinics. Usually Thursday depending on his work schedule.


The following is the property of the SA College High School:

  • 9 Olympic Air Rifles.
  • 2 Oxygen cylinders (filled by ORCA in Claremont at a cost of app R100.00).
  • 8 shooting mats.
  • 3 Kneeling rolls.
  • 2 Tasco Spotting Telescopes.
  • 4 WW2 Sherman Tank Periscopes used as Spotting Scopes.
  • 1 Camera Stand.
  • 1 Toolbox with various spares.
  • 4 Arm slings (black).
  • 4 Wooden Target boxes.
  • 4 Metal Target boxes.
  • 1 Steel lockable cabinet.
  • 2 Spotlights.
  • 1 x 10m electric cord.
  • 5 Shooting shirts.
  • [Property of G.M.Olivier – 1 tool box, 1 Vanguard spotting telescope and case, 1 camera stand]

*Any further equipment to be provided by shottists themselves.


  • 3 position: Prone, Standing, Kneeling – 20 shots in each position.
  • 10m: 2 x 20 shots in standing position.
  • Each target (6 targets) has 30 minutes for completion.
  • 30 minutes preparation time before first target is shot + 5 minutes of sighting.
  • 10-15 minutes between targets for taking down targets and setting new ones.
  • 30 minute break between 3p and 10m sections.


  • Range Officer declares the range CLOSED.  No-one may move forward of the firing position.
  • Shottists may stand up and retire to a seat behind their firing line at any time during the detail. No conversation may take place.
  • Coach may not assist the shottists in any way other than mechanical breakdown of the weapon or problem with the target.
  • Only the Range Officer may declare the range open or closed.
  • In the prone/lying position the shottist indicates to the Range Officer by raising his right leg.
  • In the standing or kneeling position the shottist indicates to the Range Officer by raising his right or left hand.


  • R270 affiliation to South African National Schools Shooting Union.
  • R840 = R120 per competition x 7 competitions per year.
  • R105 – R150 per 500 competition pellets. (hand selected for competition shooting, Olympic Games, World Champs, etc.)
  • R42 – R85 per 500 practice pellets. (not absolutely accurate)



Events take place on Friday afternoons. One can only participate in surfing if you participate in 1 of the 3 primary sports.